We Can Help:

Rekey Locks. Make a key, even if you have no original.
Open a house for the locked out owner or legal occupant.
Install a lock, deadbolt, or digital lock for almost any application.
Install, service or repair emergency exit devices and closers.
Make a key to your car, even if you lost your only key.

Rekey locks
Just bought a home or had a change of tenants or not sure who has copies of your keys, you need to rekey. You probably don’t need new hardware, but we will rekey your lock rendering old keys obsolete and giving you a fresh start controlling who does and who doesn’t have copies of your keys.
Rekeying locks will usually simplify your jumble of keys and make it so that only one key will work all of your locks, unless you want different keys to work your locks. We can also master key your locks making it possible for a manager or owner to use one key to access everything, and then having a sub key, or a tenant key that only works specific doors. We can help you determine a system that fits your needs.
If you want regular key copies or if you want “Do Not Duplicate” key copies, our keys work perfect and are very reasonably priced. We check them on site and you will have worry free and smooth functioning keys.

Emergency lockout
Sometimes things happen and you are locked out of your house standing there in your slippers and robe. We understand and can often be there much quicker than you think and we can usually open your home without damaging your locks. We can also make you a new copy of your key and help you find a great hiding place for a secure way of taking care of that unwelcome situation in the future.

Install many kinds of locks
Todays world is a place with 2 unavoidable problems. Things wear out, and people sometimes want to get in where we don’t want them. I fix locks, install locks and solve problems for people who need better security or need to find ways of solving the problem of wearing out hardware. You can use Digital deadbolts by Schlage, Kwikset and Emtek, in conjunction with Z-Wave Home Controllers to remotely monitor and control vacation home or residential property. You can use a non-remote version of these electronic locks to lock your home, and not have to hassle with trusting your family members with keys. A keypad deadbolt can store many separate user codes easily deleted if you want to remove certain access privileges.
I can make keys for your filing cabinet, your tool box or your sewing closet. I can help you lock a gate, a room or a house.

Panic bars and door closers
Do you have a commercial door with an emergency exit device or do you need one? Do you have a door that does not meet ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements for your customers or tenants? Do you have doors that need to meet specific requirements for fire regulations? Door levers need to meet specific regulations and these do not to be too costly nor too difficult to meet. We can install keyed or non-keyed levers that will meet ADA and fire regulations at reasonable prices. Schlage, Assa Abloy, Adams Rite, Baldwin, and General Lock are companies that make hardware that both secure your doors, but also allow convenient access for those who should be able to easily get in and out as safely and effort free as possible.
Door Closers are another aspect of the commercial door that we can service or install for you at very reasonable prices. If yours does not function the way it should, we may be able to service it for you, and if you ned a new one, we can replace it to meet your requirements.

Copy keys
Whether you need 5 or 50 keys, we can help you by supplying keys to meet your needs and they will work perfectly. Sometimes your old key doesn’t work because it is so worn. We can often originate a key that is like your key was when it was new 10 years ago, and your lock may very well work as good as new by only changing your key. This is a simple and effective way of making your old locks work like new.